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Our Agroposta 100% PURE CORDIAL concentrated SYRUP 32ml sachets are offered in a small 32ml secure sachet with 32 ml. Each single serving sachet creates a refreshing 250ml cordial drink

Simply add 200ml of Still or Sparkling water and dilute to taste. Flavours available are Elderflower, Lemon, Lavender, Raspberry or SageFlower.

Serve with Ice and Lemon or Lime wedge if desired or add to your favourite spirit for a delightful & unique cocktail. You could even add to a chilled Prosecco over ice.

Agroposta cordials have No Preservatives, No Additives, No Artificial Colours.
100% Pure. Caffeine, Gluten & Dairy free.

Available in cases of 15 of one flavour or a Mixed case includes 10 of each flavour, 50 sachets in total.

If you fancy a Ready to Drink alternative, we sell our 250ml bottle range as well. CLICK HERE

Agroposta Elderflower Cordial has the finest hand picked elderflower for a delicate and fragrant drink, a perfect refreshment.

Delicious and refreshing Agroposta Lemon Cordial.  Made with the juice of the ripest lemons to create a tangy lemon drink.   The essence of Mediterranean summer days. 

Agroposta Lavender Cordial has a subtle, slightly minty lavender taste.  Made from natural ingredients.

Agroposta Raspberry Cordial is fruity & full-bodied, suggests the taste of freshly picked raspberries.

Agroposta Sageflower Cordial Wild Sage flowers are picked in Croatia by Pavle Savic who was inspired & taught about edible plants by his grandmother, to produce this drink within 12 hours. A subtle and delicate taste of the flowers of the Sage plant.  

Agroposta cordials are sourced and produced in the EU (Croatia)

Individual Flavours, 15×32 gram (1 Case)

£3.99 for box of 15
£4.99 for mixed box of 50

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15 x Elderflower 32g Sachet, 15 x Lemon 32g Sachet, 15 x Lavender 32g Sachet, 15 x Sageflower 32g Sachet, 15 x Raspberry 32g Sachet, 50 x 32g Mixed Case Sachets

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