Beærs Low Sugar Blonde Czech Lager


Product Description

Beærs Low Sugar Blonde, Czech Lager is 4% abv, deep fermented beer with a hint of bitterness, a medium body and a clean taste.

Beærs Brewery has introduced for the first time in the UK their Low Sugar beer, a premium craft lager which is produced in Czech Republic using Saaz Hops & only traditional brewing methods.

With only 0.30gr of sugar per 100ml, Beærs Low Sugar Blonde has about 10 times less sugar than the average beer, which usually contains about 5gr of sugar per 100ml. It is made using only locally sourced ingredients which are 100% natural and certified organic.

This low sugar beer has a light fruity aroma, the distinctive flavour of our hops at the back of your mouth adds to the slightly bitter taste and yeasty flavour.

Size: 6 x 500ml
Strength: 4% abv
Postage: 1 box (6 bottles) £4.99

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