EcoClenze | LineClenze | Beer/Wine Equipment Cleaning Powder | 500g makes 50 litres


Product Description

EcoClenze | LineClenze | Beer/Wine Equipment Cleaning Powder for Professional & Home Brewers | 500g Makes 50 litres

Exclusively developed by LineClenze International, EcoClenze cleaning powder solution is;

Environmentally Friendly
Non Caustic
Works at any temperature
Safe on skin
Non Corrosive on plastic, aluminium & stainless steel
Not harmful to wildlife or aquatic life after waste flush

Professional Brewery line and equipment cleaner | Replaces Caustic Soda cleaners | Effective at all temperatures | Very effective on brew kettles, fermenters, beer lines, conditioning tanks and packaging areas | Works well for 20/30 minute clean and safe enough to leave in soak | Lineclenze powder kills 99.9% of bacteria, one of the main causes of beer spoilage | The perfect pint relies on clean pipes and clean glasses and takes less than 3 minutes | Please remember to clean your lines every time you change your drink of choice.

Ratio is 10g dissolved solution to 1 litres of water.

Your are buying 1 x 50 gram tub of powder which makes 50 litres of solution.

Instructions are on the label, on the tub.
Always read the label.
Whilst safe on skin, always wear protective equipment, if in contact with the powder and or solution rinse with cold running water and if needed seek medical guidance.

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