Flugel Vodka Energy Shot


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Product Description

Flugel is a Vodka Energy Shot. If you have ever been on holiday and tried this awesome little drink you will have looked for it when you got home, Well now its here and available today. Flugel is a unique ritual, Flugel is fun!! You get a Flugel and knock on the bar or table. You unscrew the cap and put it on the tip of your nose, then you put the bottle in your mouth without using your hands, knock it back and enjoy the Party! 40 x 20ml. 10% abv.

Flugel is a very popular party drink in Europe. It is vodka based and has a high caffeine content. If you usually drink vodka mixed with Red Bull then Frugel is a drink that you may want to try.


Size: 40 x 20ml
Strength: 10% abv
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