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A Metabolic Breakthrough
Experience the Health Benefits of Drinking HTWO™ HydrogenWater™

HTWO is an elemental formula™ of molecular hydrogen (H2) gas infused into purified water. HTWO is an elegant solution to a complex problem: how to promote energy and endurance without the addition of counterproductive sugars, caffeine and additives. The answer is transformative, yet the way nature intended –molecular hydrogen. Molecular hydrogen is also known by scientists as hydrogen gas, H2. As a small gaseous nutrient, molecular hydrogen can enter the interior of our cells where metabolism occurs. HTWO is a metabolic beverage™ that uses purified water as a vessel to deliver hydrogen gas into the cells of your body.

HTWO is For Every Body™
Did you know a pouch of hydrogen enriched water could do so much? Professional athletes and sports teams use HTWO. Now you too can experience the revitalizing power of molecular hydrogen.
A Full Spectrum of Benefits:
– Boosts Endurance
– Reduces Lactic Acid
– Reduces Fatigue
– Provides Antioxidants

HTWO™ is Based On Medical Research
There are more than 500 research studies confirming the health benefits of hydrogen gas. Medical scientists at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences® formulated HTWO to be a metabolic drink™. HTWO is the first beverage infused with molecular hydrogen in the United States.

For best results Drink Daily. For maximum hydrogen concentration, consume directly from this pouch and within 30 minutes of opening. Athletes are suggested to drink before high-performance activity.

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Size: 500ml

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