Icelandic Mountain Vodka | 40% abv | 70cl


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Product Description

An Icelandic grain-based vodka which has been distilled an impressive seven times and brought down to bottling strength using Icelandic water. It’s Gluten Free too! …. Hafpor Julius Bjornsson (known as The Mountain That Rides in Game of Thrones) is the brand spokesman and one of its owners. How apt, considering the vodka’s name… This vodka received a Gold Medal and a score of 92 Points (Exceptional) from The Beverage Testing Institute’s in 2017.”

Quote from “Clear color. Creamy, confected aromas and flavours of spumoni, peach jam, and pistachio paste with a round, dryish medium-to-full body and a lychee and mint cream finish. A vodka full of character, body, and confection – balanced and unexpected.”


20% abv

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