Mission Breathalyser Kit 0.02%BAC | with bag (2 test pack)


Product Description

2 test pack Breath Alcohol Detector 0.02%BAC indicator supplied with inflation bag (HSE)
(Professional drivers, HSE, Industrial and workplace alcohol testing)
Zero tolerance alcohol detection suitable for industrial testing CE marked for professional alcohol testing including employment and healthcare screening.
Can be inflated and deflated through bag or attached to test and inflated through tube.
Very easy to use & interpret single level disposable breathalyser kit
UK & EU professional license driving prosecution level tester
Portable and disposable alcohol breathalyser/detector
Reliable results, used by Police over the world
Results within 2 minutes
Easily carried in a pocket, glove box or purse.
Crystal colour change if Blood Alcohol Content is equal or above 0.02%BAC. Read at 2 minutes.

2 individually foil wrapped test, 2 Bags
Data sheet.
Long expiry date

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