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Siderit Hibiscus Gin from Spain

Siderit Hibiscus Gin. A floral Gin; triple-distilled through unique glass distillation process for ultimate purity. Produced in Cantabria, Spain from the exotic Hibiscus Sabdariffa flower. Native to tropical Africa; combined with ingredients from the Iberian peninsula.

This gin goes beautifully with ice and a quality tonic. Or you can even use it to add a new twist to your favourite, gin-based cocktail.

Here’s some tried & tested cocktails to enjoy;

Add ice to large glass
Measure of Siderit Hibiscus Gin
Muddle with strawberries/raspberries
Tonic Water
Orange Twist

Add ice to large glass
Measure of Siderit Hibiscus Gin
Dash of Belvoir Raspberry & Rose Cordial
Cava or Prosecco
Orange Twist
Garnish with Pink Peppercorns

20cl, 43% ABV
50cl, 43% ABV
70cl, 43% ABV


20cl £4.99
50cl £3.99
70cl £3.99

We offer a wonderful selection from Siderit….

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Siderit Hibiscus Gin 20cl, Siderit Hibiscus Gin 50cl, Siderit Hibiscus Gin 70cl

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