Slendershot 28 Day Weight-loss & Detox Supplement


Product Description

28 day pack
Natural super weight-loss & detox supplement plan over 28 days.
How it works
slendershot has been designed with weight-loss and detox in mind.

Simply take one Summer Fruit flavour 20ml shot per day, 30 – 60 minutes before eating – morning, afternoon or night over 28 days.

We know how important it is to get your daily intake of water, so we’ve made sure you can add slendershot to a glass of water or your training bottle.

slendershot not only contains weight-loss ingredients — our added mood enhancer will lift your spirits and make you feel better throughout the day.

For best results, drink before eating and use alongside a healthy diet and exercise.

Not to be used as a meal replacement.

The Benefits

Weight loss + detox
Reach your perfect weight goal with the help of our added ingredients, including acai berry, prickly pear, green tea leaf — and plenty more inspired goodness.

Energy + antioxidants
Antioxidants are “good guys”: they neutralise free radicals, which not only helps to restore the body to health and balance, but also boosts energy levels.

Mood enhancer + amino acids
Our added amino acids will lift your mood, help you beat stress, boost your immune system, and makes you feel amazing.

6 Super Main Ingredients

Acai berry
Weight loss, energy production, endurance, strength & anti-aging

Garcinia cambogia
Weight loss & increased metabolism

Ginger root
Weight loss & increased energy

Prickly pear
Weight loss & lower cholesterol; contains calcium, potassium & magnesium

Siberian ginseng
Weight loss & reduced stress

Green tea leaf
Weight loss, fat burn & boosted immune system

Further Information:
Tube constructed from Food Grade polyprolene Plastic
Each tube has a Tamper Evident Cap
Environmentally Friendly – Tubes are completely recyclable
Tubes will not break under foot, and safe to use in all environments
All packaging is fully recyclable

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