Toffee Vodka from 55Above



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Perfect on the rocks, or in a Tempting Toffee Martini, this award winning intense toffee flavoured vodka is certainly packed full of flavour! Free from any artificial flavourings or additives, 55 Toffee Vodka is made using the same quality spirit as our unflavoured vodkas and then infused with natural toffee syrup, giving a tempting creamy toffee taste with the delicate aftertaste of our classic vodkas.

How can you resist it?

70cl, 35% abv
20cl, 35% abv

P&P, Delivery
70cl £4.99
20cl £3.99

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Toffee Vodka from 55Above 70cl, Toffee Vodka from 55Above 20cl

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